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christian soldiers
Started by Emperor greenapplecat 2 years ago
Christian Soldiers
When you enlist in the military, you are a soldier in name only. Only after undergoing basic training in military skills and learning obedience to authority will you know how to function as part of a unit. Then you are truly called a soldier.
When you believe Christ died on your behalf for your sins, you become (in-Christ) a Christian soldier. At that moment you are usually not aware you have just enlisted in God’s Army – a career that is eternal and not optional. Conscription in many nations is mandatory for all able- bodied persons. New Christians, regardless of ‘physical’ circumstances, are all able ‘spiritual’ bodies. And, as in the military, enlistment is just the beginning.
To overcome life’s many adversities Christian soldiers must be trained to use spiritual weapons and armour. The Bible contains our orders and instructions (a clever acronym for the BIBLE is: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth).
Drill Instructors are the teachers of God’s Word. They drill us in spiritual skills on how to get in step with the Christian walk and work as a team.
Sadly, at one time or another many Christian soldiers soon go AWOL (Absent With Out Leave). God neither rebukes nor discharges anyone, but patiently awaits their return (like the father of the prodigal son). Once back in rank, by following Biblical orders and practicing our spiritual skills, we become exemplary Christian soldiers not only in name, but in thought and deed. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

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