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Learning to stand - Day 22
Started by Emperor greenapplecat 3 years ago
Since the beginning, Satan has had the habit of sin in his life, He is mentioned in the first and last books of the Bible. Since the triumph of Eden, he has sought to deceive us, to blind out eye to the light of the one truth which can free us from his dominion, the gospel of Jesus Christ.
As the ruler of this world and of the power of the air, Satan has legions of angelic beings who serve under him in various administrative capacities as rulers and authorities. Powers and dominions are his, as are the world forces of this darkness and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. He often disguises himself as an angel of light, and his servants do the same, disguising themselves as servants of righteousness.
He has seduced kings, prophets, and Jewish exorcists.He has sought the downfall of many righteous men such as Job by turning nature and wisdom of men against him. Satan roams the earth, seeking to devour all he can, Seducing spirits move with him as he spreads his demonic doctrines.
He appears in the Gospels, Acts, and the Epistles. He plays a major role in Revelation, which has yet to be fulfilled in its entirety. We learn there where his wrath builds as his time grows shorter, and is aware that the King of Kings will come and make all His enemies His footstool. We learn that Satan will be bound for a thousand years, released for a short time, and then cast into the lake of fire.
Although the time is almost upon us, Satan continues to be Satan, the adversary of every child of God. Especially now, we must learn all we can from the Word of God about him. Look up the following verses and do the same thing you did yesterday, and remember to record what you learn on your intelligence list about the enemy.

1. Matthew 16:23

2. Luke 22:31

3. 1 Thessalonians 2:18

4. 1 Thessalonians 3:5

5. 2 Thessalonians 2:9

6. Matthew 13:24-30, 38-39

7. 2 Timothy 2:26; 1 Timothy 3:7

8. Luke 13:16; Acts 10:38

9. Revelation 12:12

It is all to clear that Satan is not interested in the things of God, and he will do everything he can to hinder you in your search for truth and understanding. He hates truth and will only use it when it is to his advantage, while weaving into it his lies to seduce or lead you astray. He was also try to deceive you with lying signs and false wonders. He desires to sift you as wheat and derail your work for God. He is known as the tempter, will set snares in hope of causing you to fall into sin, false teaching, and compromising your witness to others. He sows tares among the wheat that are hard to recognized until their fruit is fully ripe.
The mind is the enemy's primary target, but not his only target. He also attack the body. We can see in the Word of God that he bound a women for eighteen years and threw a young boy into convulsions. He also put a thorn in Paul's flesh, and God left it there because it served His higher purpose.
The day is coming soon when the devil will no longer has access to the throne of God, where he accuses us night and day. Soon he'll be cast sown to earth along with the demons. When that day occurs, his wrath will be boundless because his time will be extremely short.
Those of us who follow God will have no need to fear. The King is coming, our Kinsman Redeemer who rightly sits as the God-man above all rule, power, authority, and dominion because He has conquered sin and death. Should you fear Satan? No, there is only One whom you are to fear, and that is God. If you are Christ's, you are seated with Jesus in the heavenly places far above all power of the enemy.
Ask God to keep you aware of Satan's methods and devices. These should be easier to recognize now that you have better intelligence information on your enemy. Don't forget to write your prayer of affirmation.

Do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you belong to Jesus Christ and that He belongs to you? Ask God if Jesus dwells within, if He's adopted you into His family. He will show you.

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